Sunday, 29 July 2018

Paul Rainville True to the Art

I took a call several weeks ago from Paul Rainville, a professional Canadian actor and who lives literally around the corner from my studio on Wellington St in Ottawa. Despite our close living/working proximity, I had never encountered Paul on a professional or personal level. Several years ago Paul had won an award at the Capital Critics Circle, an event that Alan Dean Photography has been sponsoring for many years.The winner of the professional actor award receives many accolades and press, and an actor’s photoshoot that we donate. Over the years many of the winners have been from out of town and sometimes call us years
later to ask if we will still honour the photo session, which of course we still do. In this case however, he was “so close by” and I wondered aloud why he had waited so long. And then it hit me. Paul, like myself, is a professional, and being a professional in any arts world is so very difficult. And things can slip your mind when focusing on making a living in a business that depends on the phone ringing.I take my hat off to all professionals like Paul who hang in there with their chosen art, refusing to bend, and keep moving forward despite many challenges.Finally, Paul was a great guy with a lot of character, and a joy to photograph. Keep up the great work Mr Rainville, the world need more like you.