Saturday, 16 July 2016

Actors' headshots

By pure coincidence, in the last few weeks in Montreal we shot headshots for 2 actors who are castmates on the same show, Mohawk Girls. The first was Erland Campbell, and the second was LeeLee Greene, whom I also had the pleasure of shooting a few years back. Both of these actors are driven by their passion, which was clear from the start, as we set out to get them a solid headshot. There was no need to remind them to focus on the job at hand, because these working actors are well aware of how to get the most out of a camera. Mohawk Girls is in its fourth season of shooting, and can be seen on both APTN and Omni TV. 
Erland Campbell
Besides being a working actor, Erland is also a singer, songwriter, and professional ballroom dancer.  

Workbook Live
Erland Campbell's website

LeeLee Greene
A vibrant young performer, LeeLee plays the role of "Gossip Girl" on Mohawk Girls.

LeeLee's Instagram

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