Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Superkids - Lauren

I used to think that child actors, dancers, musicians, etc all had a tiger mom or dad pushing these kids to succeed in not only one area of the arts but in multiple disciplines.
My thoughts, however, have changed dramatically, if you'll pardon the pun. It seems that these wonder kids have their own driven instinct to succeed, and nothing will stand in their way. More and more I get bookings for these amazing new talents, and even when I edit, the moms and dads take a backseat and let their children decide which photos work for them, and how they want to be represented. I am truly awestruck!
I remember my childhood days of watching TV and flying a kite for entertainment, without a care in the world and absolutely no idea of what direction my life was going in. After all I had faith that I had time, and being a kid was just being a kid. I plan to devote quite a few blogs  to these child artists. Keep your eyes open for these future stars.

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