Monday, 6 August 2018

Trash Talking with a Trailer Park Girl!

Recently I photographed actress Jeanna Harrison, who has portrayed the role of Trinity on the hit series and films Trailer Park Boys for almost 20 years.  Jeanna was just 5 years old when she first started acting in the trash talking comedy mockumentary about low life characters living in a trailer park. I can tell you that Jeanna  is far removed from the character that she portrays, and is a well-spoken and gracious individual. She has enjoyed being part of the cast and has literally grown up on the series, and has come a long way in her 25 years. She was so easy to photograph; I wish it was always this simple. She knows the camera and how to project and I almost felt a little guilty not having to work my usual magic. I just had to sit back and enjoy a true professional at work. Jeanna has relocated to Ottawa,  but she will continue to do the voiceover work for the show, as it moves into an animated series. I wish her great success as she moves forward.

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